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St. Augustine Lighthouse Crystal Figurine

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It has been a number of years since I’ve been to St. Augustine, but Crystal World’s St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL crystal figurine brings the memories flooding back. The first memory to hit is that of the smell of the ocean, quickly followed by impressions of light, turquoise and flamingos. Then, my mind settles on the uniqueness of historic St. Augustine.

This charming city is the oldest continuously-inhabited european-settled city and the oldest port in the continental U.S. Despite modernization, the historic area boasts many original structures, including the oldest known wooden schoolhouse in the U.S., which first appeared on tax records in 1716. In 1937 a huge metal chain was looped around the schoolhouse to anchor it during hurricanes – quite a memorable sight!

One very impressive structure still standing is the 1740 spanish Fort Matanzas, which is constructed of coquina. This limestone-type rock is composed of tiny shells which have over time been compressed into a soft rock that absorbs canon balls instead of being shattered by them – ideal for forts. You see crushed coquina used in many parts of Florida for driveway gravel.

When I think of Florida, I think of hot and humid, but crossing the Bridge of Lions into St. Augustine takes you into a different world. There’s a European/New Orleans flavor to the outdoor cafes and street entertainment, not to mention a little shop selling the best pecan pralines I’ve ever tasted. St. Augustine is also where we discovered the best Key Lime Pie recipe, given to us by an accommodating waitress – now a favorite at our house for nearly any occasion, especially when we’re socked in by snow and yearning for a taste of sun.

All these memories, and more, come instantly to mind whenever I see the St. Augustine Lighthouse, FLreplica crystal figurine. This beloved sentinel marks Anastasia Island, just south of Jacksonville, FL. Rising 165 feet above sea level, the current tower was build in 1874. A Spanish watchtower, established in the late 16th century on the same location, is considered to be the first lighthouse built in North America. Today, the powerful First-Order Fresnel lens, although now automated, still guides ships at night.

Lighthouse lovers are sure to want to add this crystal figurine to their collections. This and other famous crystal lighthouses replicated by Crystal World can be found in the VistaLightâ„¢ collection. Crystal lighthouses make ideal gifts for many occasions – ones the recipients are sure to enjoy, especially if they prompt memories like this crystal figurine does for me.

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