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Crystal Flowers – “Summer Sunflower” Crystal Figurine

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It was love at first site when I discovered the Crystal World Summer Sunflower crystal figurine. I’m a gardener, I love sunflowers (actually, I love flowers of any kind) and this is such a charming example of crystal flowers that I was instantly smitten (does anyone use that word anymore?)

The Summer Sunflower appeals to me for another reason: my dearest friend, who died way too young, was the ultimate gardener and flower lover. I can hear her in my mind oohing and ahhing over this crystal figurine. So, not only does this lovely little gem lift my spirits (who can resist feeling good when they see sunflowers!), but I also think of my friend whenever I see it.

Several years go I was part of a figure drawing studio. One week my friend volunteered to serve as our model. She was a splash of sunshine that cold winter’s day when she walked in the door wearing her gardening uniform of bib overalls and work boots carrying a watering can full of fresh flowers. I’ll never forget the image of her sitting there with the watering can bouquet at her feet. It’s easy to understand why I immediately think of her whenever I see the Summer Sunflower crystal figurine.

While it’s too late to give this to her as a gift, which I so want to do because I know it would make her smile whenever she saw it, this is on the top of my gift list for her mother and daughter. They both share her love of flowers and gardening, and are as likely to see her in it as I do. The only question is whether to give this to them as holiday gifts, Mothers Day gifts or maybe even for their birthdays.

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  1. Kay Aubrey-Chimene

    I have to admit – I collect many things – most of them with 4 legs and fur (2 dogs, 12 horses, numerous gold fish but not crystals. I love looking at them but don’t own any. I can certainly see why you love them!

  2. Norma Doiron @Where Aspiring / Budding Business Owners Start, Grow or Strengthen Their Business Online

    Ooooh! This is beautiful! I love flowers in any format too… have them all around the house. Thanks for sharing that with me. x0x

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