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Snoopy At His Finest!

Snoopy crystal figurine with birthday cake - 'The Birthday Beagle'.

Click the image to learn more about this figurine.

Guest Contributor Emma had these interesting thoughts to share after visiting the Crystal World website:

“I have to say, when I came across this website, I spent a long time looking at the wide range of crystal figures. The Angelfish really caught my eye, with its graceful form caught suspended in the crystal sea, and the colors so delicate…

“But Snoopy grabbed me from a whole different direction. He is perfectly captured, with all the light-hearted energy of the original Snoopy character. My very favorite is A Birthday Beagle, but I can see that if I have one Snoopy, I would soon want the rest!”

Thank you, Emma, for sharing your reactions to our crystal figurines. We always love to hear from new visitors. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that A Birthday Beagle is one of our most popular Snoopy crystal figurines.

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