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“A View of New York” – Stunning Crystal Figurine

Click the image to learn more about this crystal figurine.

A View of New York probably shouldn’t be called a “crystal figurine”, as it’s actually a finely detailed miniature cityscape of the well-loved pre-9/11 New York skyline. Every memorable building is depicted in exquisite detail. In short, this crystal gift idea is an awe-inspiring architectural marvel, sure to prompt fond memories from native New Yorkers and visitors alike.

Whenever I see this figurine, I’m drawn in and delighted by the detail. My imagination takes off, sending me to memorable places and events – real and imagined – in the Big Apple.

There’s just simply something magical about this piece, which you’re sure to experience once you begin to contemplate the magic that must take place to reduce the essence of New York to a collectible figurine. I have to hand it to the designers at Crystal World – this is a masterpiece, and an exceptional gift idea.

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