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I “Heart” You – Puppy-Gram Crystal Figurine

Click the image to learn more about this crystal figurine.

Tina D. sent us this note about the Puppy-Gram crystal figurine:

“What can make you feel more loved than snuggling up with your favorite pooch? We often tell our pets how much we love them, and hear in the back of our minds, “Oh, yes, I love you too!!!” But, when I found the Puppy-Gram crystal figurine on the Crystal World website, I knew I could capture that feeling when I am away from home simply by sitting Puppy-Gram on my desk and gazing at her `beauty throughout my day.

“Puppy-Gram melted me the moment I saw those dazzling black eyes staring back – what could be more endearing than an adorable crystal carved puppy boasting the sign “I ‘heart’ you.” The red lettering gives it the perfect pop of color to catch your eye over and over. This crystal sculpture of love is absolutely adorable and will pull on your heartstrings. Standing only 1 ½ inches tall, its brilliance will enthrall you – just place her under a lamp for a little extra burst of love (and don’t forget your sunglasses!!).

“I am thankful I chose Puppy-Gram as my very own. The ability to gaze at this beauty as a constant reminder of the love of my own best friend often brings a smile to my face, especially on days when I wished I had stayed in bed. Crystal World has an impressive selection of our fuzzy pets, captured in brilliant sparkle, and they all inspire different feelings of “warm and fuzzy.”  If you fall in love with Puppy-Gram as I did, you will be excited to peruse through the entire Crystal World collection, as they are definitely gifts made for both keeping and giving.”

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