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You Can’t Have Just One Crystal Figurine!

OK, I have a confession to make. Before I learned of Crystal World I had no interest in crystal figurines, nor had I ever noticed crystal figurine collections in the homes of friends or relatives. I’m more of a fine arts girl, and while I appreciated the artistry, the photos of little sculptures of faceted crystal just weren’t grabbing me.

However, after visiting the Crystal World website numerous times on work-related missions, I discovered I’d grown curious about some of the figurines. I wanted – no, needed – to see some in person. So, I clicked to the “Find a Retailer” link on the Crystal World website and located a nearby shop that carries their figurines. The next time I was in the area I stopped in to peruse their selection.

Oh, wow! It was love at first site. Words and pictures cannot convey the magic of these miniature sculptures of faceted crystal. Sure, I’d read about how they sparkle and refract light, and had a sense for the unique personality of each figurine, but my imagination had seriously failed me. The “real thing”, regardless of design, was a miracle of artistry and light in motion.

Shortly thereafter I purchased my first crystal figurine, and then discovered they’re like potato chips – you can’t have just one. I soon purchased two more for gifts, which I ended up keeping – thus beginning my own humble collection.

As it turns out, I’m not the only one who has become enamored with crystal figurines. In fact, I’m late to the party. Some of my friends talk of collections their parents or grandparents had, and how enthralled they were with them as children. Some have been so lucky as to have inherited a collection, which they continue to add to.

Starting in the 70′s and running into the 90′s, crystal figurines were avidly accumulated by collectors who purchases limited editions for their investment value. Some collectors didn’t display them or even open the boxes, but rather put them away until their value increased. A strong secondary market ensured that desirable designs appreciated and paid off for those who were lucky enough to have bought them when they were introduced.

However, the Internet changed the nature of collecting and the secondary market for crystal figurines crashed in the 90′s as speculators left the market. Secondary markets became more competitive and valuations normalized. People stopped hoarding and began collecting what they like, proudly displaying their crystal figurines in their homes and offices.

Today, collectors might focus on cat crystal figurines, architecture, angels, or anything else you can imagine, making their collections interesting and quite personal. Ebay often has retired limited edition figurines for sale, and while they have not appreciated in value as they did during the heydays of the 80′s, savvy collectors can still make a profit on their investment. While this isn’t typical, I recently found a crystal figurine on Ebay that was listed at $3,500!

Oddly enough, you can’t find much information on the Internet about collecting crystal figurines, yet there are many interesting collectors and collections out there. Do you know of a crystal figurines collection, or collect them yourself? If so, we’d like to hear from you. Please follow the link below and complete a survey. Who knows? We may even feature you and your collection here on our blog.

Click here to tell us about a collection of crystal figurines.

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  1. Maria Stefanopoulos

    My mother had a beautiful collection of crystal animals. She really treasured them.

  2. Jodie

    We always saved our money when it was near mum’s birthday or mother’s day or Christmas so we could get her another crystal ornament. They are beautiful. Now that she has passed, I know that the collection is mine, but it still sits in her display cabinet at my dad’s house. I hope to pass them on to my four girls for them to cherish as much as she and I did. They are like part of a magical fantasy world when you are a little kid, just waiting for them to move somehow, and they carry wonderful memories of her when I look at them.

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