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Crystal Figurines Are Ageless Collectible Treasures

Ruth Jacob, a teen from Virginia, sent us this thoughtful note:

“I was browsing the Crystal World website at the recommendation of a friend the other day and came across the Grand Piano with Bench. It stood out to me not only because of its beauty – it is beautiful – but because of the nostalgia I could see one day tied to an unusual gift like that. My sister is graduating this spring from high school, and about to move on to college as a piano performance major, and I could see many years of a special gift like that sitting on her music cabinet.

“The beauty and accuracy of this and all of the figurines at Crystal World really astounded me. The Castle on a Hill and Penguin Chick also really stood out to me as gifts I could see myself giving.

“All of the crystal figurines looked beautiful and special, gifts that I could see given to one person I know, or another. Each one is so elegant and unique; they would make a perfect gift that is sure to be treasured for years to come. And though these three especially stood out to me, they were by no means the only ones that did. I can see how collecting some of these unusual gifts could become addicting; once you’ve had one, you just can’t stop.”

Ruth reminds us that people of all ages appreciate the artistry of Crystal World crystal figurines. These collectibles are truly ageless!

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