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So, what is Crystal World?

Click the image to learn more about the Enchanted Castle crystal figurine.

Since 1983 Crystal World has been creating exceptional full-cut faceted crystal figurines. Founder Rudy Nakai is an outstanding crystal artist, as are Tom Suzuki, Roy Takii and other designers on the Crystal World team.

The Crystal World designers are known for their ability to depict emotion and personality in crystal. This is a very difficult medium to work with, taking months to create and approve a new design. Crystal components for Crystal World’s figurines come from around the world: Austria, Turkey and China are just a few of the countries that supply the pieces that make up the crystal figurines.

In 1987 Crystal World launched a new trend toward colored crystal with the introduction of the  Original Rainbow Castle Collection®. This revolutionized the marketplace and crystal figurine collecting worldwide.

In 1998 Crystal World introduced its Disney Snowcase Collection, taking the medium to a whole new level. This collection featured charming replicas of some of Disney’s most popular characters, such as Dumbo, Bambi and Mickey and Minnie. The collection was retired at the end of 2003, but Crystal World’s Disney crystal figurines can still be found on eBay and in other secondary markets.

Crystal World’s Peanuts® Collection was introduced in 2004. These beloved crystal figurines honor the legacy of Charles Schulz. Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Woodstock and others are represented in this popular collection.

Crystal World’s artistry in full-cut faceted crystal has been honored with numerous prestigious awards for artistic achievement. Four figurines have received the Award of Excellence, selected by readers of Collectors Editions magazine. Cinderella’s Castle received First Runner-Up for Architectural Structure of the Year from the the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers. It also received top honors from Collectors Editions Magazine. Crystal World has also received numerous Best of Show awards at International Collectibles Expositions.

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