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“Baby’s Red Wagon” Evokes Fond Memories

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Here’s a fond childhood memory of crystal figurines shared by Guest Contributor Christina C.:

“Crystals have always hit a soft nostalgia button for me. They hold a very innocent and special place in my heart. My beloved grandmother collected them during my young childhood. I can vividly remember standing at the foot of her 1970’s television set staring up at the crystal case resting atop it, just out of my five-year-old reach. The tiny designs and beautiful rainbows they created on the wood floor of her apartment captivated me. After my grandmother passed, the crystals were passed down to my aunt, rarely seen by me again.

 I love this little bear in the red wagon because – being slightly on the obsessive side with especially small teddy bears around age five – I would have loved nothing more then for somebody to give me this little crystal. It would have been the perfect gift.

“Now, as an adult, I would love for somebody to know me well enough to buy it for me, because it would bring all those old emotions and memories flowing back.

“Crystal World does an incredible job with their detailed designs that pull on old heart strings, and I will be “hinting” to my significant other that he should be looking to them for my Christmas present this year.”

Can’t you just picture that darling little girl entranced by her Grandmother’s crystal figurine collection? What an enchanting story – plus, proof that people of all ages fall in love with Crystal World’s crystal collectibles. Which of our figurines would evoke welcome and cherished memories for someone you love this Christmas? We invite you to visit our online store and look through our extensive collection of crystal flowers, crystal lighthouses, crystal bears, crystal fish, crystal castles and more, as well as crystal Snoopy and Peanuts collectibles. Someone on your gift list is sure to be charmed by your choice of a Crystal World crystal gift for them.

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