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Have You Found Us on Pinterest Yet?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that we love (and tend to collect!) beautiful things, or that we’ve become enamored with the eye-catching images shared on Pinterest.  We’re so enamored that we’ve started our own collections of memorable images there. Crystal World’s ‘ pin boards’ feature things you’d expect, like everything Snoopy and Peanuts, picturesque lighthouses from around the world and gorgeous things made of crystal (you’d be amazed how crystal can be used!).

What you may not expect is our stunning collection of rainbow images (although crystal figurines cast great rainbows!), photos of marvelous miniatures that rival the artistry of our crystal figurines, delicate glass art, beautiful flowers and gardens and mysterious castles. As a nod to Crystal World’s talented and artistic designers we also have boards of interesting art and even artistic food. Then there are the more generic great photos and creatures great and small.

Of course, you’ll also find our crystal figurines and quotes featuring them, as well as Crystal World videos and gift ideas.

Are you active on Pinterest? If so, stop by Crystal World’s Pinterest account and look through our collections. Be sure to follow us, and please ‘like’, ‘repin’ or comment on those things you like best.

If you’re not on Pinterest, stop by anyway! It’s a whole new world, which you may decide to spend more time with by starting your own collections. But be forewarned – Pinterest is highly addictive for those who like beautiful and interesting things!


A sampling of Crystal World’s “pin boards” on Pinterest.


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