25th Anniversary – Crystal World Rainbow Castle Collection

Enchanted Castle crystal figurine.

2012 marks the 25th anniversary of a significant milestone in crystal collectibles. In 1987 Crystal World revolutionized the crystal figurines marketplace by launching their Original Rainbow Castle Collection®. The first Rainbow Castle, by Crystal World Founding Artist Rudy Nakai, was one of the most popular collectibles of all time. Its release began the trend toward …

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Christmas Memories: Nana’s Crystal Figurine Collection

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At this time of year, I always look back with fondness at the many ways my late mother-in-law made Christmas special. We won’t dwell on the delicious food  – antipasto benedetto, salad, manicotti, italian bread, turkey and all the “Americano” trimmings – or the amazing desserts, like the special cookie called cartellate di natale alla …

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Crystal World Remembers Charles M. Schulz (1922-2000)

“I grew up with only one real career desire in life, and that was to someday draw my own comic strip.” – Charles M. Schulz, 1983 Charles M. Schulz, creator of the beloved Peanuts characters, was born 90 years ago – November 26, 1922. We honor his memory today with a look at his life, …

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Video: Christmas Crystal Figurines, Gifts and Collectibles

Christmas is quickly approaching and to honor the season we’ve created a new video showcasing some of Crystal World’s finest crystal gifts and collectibles from the Holiday Treasures Collection. We think you’ll agree that these crystal figurines embody the spirit of Christmas.

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